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The Dancing Turtle


The Dancing Turtle is Albuquerque New Mexico's premier Breaking studio with a primary focus of building the mind, body, & spirit of our Albuquerque youth through the art of Breaking.  Our dedicated coaches will guide each student to achieve a new level of confidence, find their own unique personal style, & discover their true power.

The art of Breaking (aka "Breakdancing") is one of the most challenging dance forms to learn... yet this original Hip Hop dance element remains the fastest growing dance style among young people throughout the world and has recently been added to the 2024 Olympics in Paris, France.



The Mission of the Dancing Turtle is to provide a positive, motivating, inclusive, & safe space where all students can feel accepted for who they are and who they aspire to become.

Community Learning
Dance Philosophy

The art of Breaking was started in New York by young people of the global majority in the late 70's & early 1980's where it quickly became a worldwide culture uniting communities through music, dance and "Battles" (competitive social gatherings). The Dancing Turtle embraces the original foundations of the Breaking culture and we format our program around a community learning dance philosophy.  Our Students will have a balance of learning in a studio setting, but also test their new found skills in battle settings throughout the season.


Turtle History

The Dancing Turtle was established in April of 2015 by Coach Check-It, Coach Soula, & their daughter Bgirl Fractals. Through the love and dedication of all of the Dancing Turtle coaches, families, & supporters, the studio eventually grew to a  capacity where hundreds of Albuquerque youth could come learn and express themselves every week. 

Up until COVID-19 hit March of 2020...

And the Dancing Turtle was forced into Hibernation.

And Now... WE"RE BACK!

The 2023 Season #2

We are located at 2651 Pan American FWY NE Suite D, ABQ, NM 87107 

For the 2023 Season #2, The Dancing Turtle will only be accepting a total of 100 students.  Please see our class schedule for details. 

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