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About Us

Christopher "Check-it" Lim



Coach Check-It has over 24 years of experience & contributions within the bboy & Urban Dance Culture. He has been an Urban Dance event organizer for over 19 years. He is most well known for his original concepts called "City vs. City" & "Free Soul Battle", as well as for his experience in battling, hosting & Judging Breakdance competitions throught Europe, Canada, and the US.  In 2004 & 2005, Check-It earned his way onto the I.B.E. USA TEAM (International Breakdance Event) in Rotterdam, Holland, where he battled within the ranks of the best Bboys in the world. 


His passion, drive, and values are just a few traits that set him apart from the rest. He cares about sharing his love for breaking and encourages anyone who wants to learn to join, no matter their age or skill level. Check-It is a former U.S. Army Chemical Operations Specialist who has the discipline and knowledge to organize his classes and lessons in a clear way that help to draw out a student's unique dance style and personal developement.  He gives it his all each and every moment and sees all his students as individuals with their own set of wonderful talents without limitations. Please come on in and meet Check-It! 



Natane V. Lim aka "Bgirl Soula"

Natane, born and raised in Chicago, IL, began breaking in 2001 right after she came to visit Albuquerque, NM and witnessed a community breaking event.  She began organizing Chicago bboy & bgirl events in 2002 where she founded "Ill-noize 1-3", "RedNoize", and co-organized the City vs City series with her husband Check-It.  Natane was also the president of a 501-c-3 non-profit group called "Youth Struggling for Survival" for eight years, where she utilized the urban arts and Hip-Hop to work with underserved inner city youth/families. In 2006, Natane was recruited by the world famous Chicago Tribe Crew,


Natane graduated magna cum laude from Northern Illinois University with her bachelor's degree in Early Childhood Special Education. Natane has a deep and strong passion for teaching.  she has been working professionally with little ones for over 20 years and enjoys fusing her educational background and love for hip-hop with children, making it fun and engaging.  In 2012, Natane and her close friends founded the all female Albuquerque Bgirl Crew called "Zia Queens Crew".  Within the past 6 years, the Zia Queens have battled in Breaking competitions throughout the United States and Canada, as well as organized dozens of community events, fundraisers, and Breaking Battles for the Albuquerque community.